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divorceIt’s likely you’re reading this message because your marriage or relationship has broken down. Your entire world has changed. I understand that. I understand how difficult all of this is for you.


There are complex issues to deal with. How will you parent? Where will you live? How will you survive financially? What about the family debt? What about your pension? How will this impact your business, your job? What about your new partner? What happens if you die? How do you move on? How much is all of this going to cost?


You need to make informed decisions. You have a right to fully participate in deciding what is best for you and your family. Being reasonable is essential. Knowing what is reasonable is critical. I will answer your questions. I will resolve your issues. I have been answering those questions, advising what is reasonable and achieving successful resolutions for others just like you for more than thirty years.


Agreement is always the best resolution. Sometimes agreement is almost within reach. Sometimes agreement is justnot possible. If a reasonable agreement can be had without going to court I will achieve that for you. If it cannot, then I will ensure that your application to the court or your response to the application of your spouse will end in the very best result possible for you. That is what I do. That is what I have been doing for more than thirty years.
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Your Children


There is no more important issue than your children. That is not some trite statement of the obvious. It is the standard the law brings to your marriage breakdown discussions.

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Your Income


Division of income on relationship breakdown is determined by the entitlements and obligations that flow from that relationship; Spousal and Child Support.

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Home & Investments


A marriage is much like a business partnership. With some exceptions the value of whatever property has been accumulated by both spouses over the course of the marriage is shared equally.

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Your Future


When working through your current needs and obligations and those of your children you should also be laying the groundwork for next year and the year after.

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Why Choose David Sherman

Experience Matters

David has been a family lawyer for more than 30 years.

Fundamental Confidence

David has handled multi-million dollar cases, high-conflict matters and thousands of more typical family law disputes.


David has extensive training in dispute resolution techniques and has a high record of achieving pre-court settlement.

Protecting You

David is a skilled Advocate and if agreement cannot be reached knows how to effectively conduct a trial.


David is committed to keeping you informed and ensuring your involvement in every step of the process.

Results Orientated

David is focused on your situation and understands all of his client’s goals.  He will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you.